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Sexsmith Architects was founded in 2021 to focus on creating healthy, inspired spaces, more closely aligned with nature. After years of working on the design and construction of contemporary projects, he now focuses on designing with knowledge gained firsthand about toxic mold, and is acutely sensitive to the chemicals used in modern construction. This truly crystallized an awareness of the materials and techniques we use to craft the environments in which we live. Studying traditional construction methods has lead him to envision an ancient-future blending contemporary design and traditional materials.


The collaborative studio culture is focused on developing partnerships across disciplines to integrate the wisdom and creativity of builders, engineers, and artists to form a coherent vision in partnership with our clients.

The practice is especially dedicated to the design and construction of spaces for the spirit.

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Inspired spaces, more closely aligned with nature.





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Born in Canada, raised in New England, and exposed to the world from a young age, Alex brings a deep appreciation for material culture, art, and a love of refined construction to his work. Travels to Asia, Europe and the Middle East continue to inform contemporary designs that emphasize warmth and simplicity.


Alex moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue his Master’s in Architecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture [SCI_Arc]. He immersed himself in the experimental design culture of the school, and a semester abroad in Japan profoundly opened his eyes to refined craftsmanship, material expression and the spiritual presence of space. His thesis focused on expressing a contemporary form of contemplative architecture - Immersive Silence.


More than 15 years since, he has practiced architecture at corporate and boutique firms, in LA and abroad, learning from differemt types of practice, on a range of institutional and residential projects. He is licensed to practice in California, Colorado and New Mexico and is nationally board-certified (NCARB). As a LEED certified professional, he brings a deep interest and knowledge in the many ways we can build a more thoughtful, creative and sustainable future.

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